The Church of Christ is a denomination


What the hardline Church of Christ today calls “Worship Service”, is neither worship, NOR is it service, but it is a ceremony that they act out every Wednesday & Sunday when they go to their Church building and sing songs of their pleasure, and listen to sermons ran by a one-man-show. Matter of fact, there isn’t a such thing in Scripture as the “Worship Service”, The whole concept called “Worship Service” is man-made.

The Church model in Acts is far removed from modern Church… no pulpit, no altar, no pews, no one man running things, no offering plate passed about, to name a few, were part of the early Church. Organized Church, as we see it today, spawned from Constantine. The hardline Church of Christ profess t not be a denomination yet their building mirrror the model of every other denomination.

It is certainly NOT worship, and it is definitely not service when we meet in our countless denominational buildings. Before I am taken wrongly, I am not condemning meeting in buildings. My beef is the hardline Church of Christ who give more homage to their buildings than they care to admit.

True Service is to offer your BODY as a living sacrifice to GOD, EVERY SINGLE DAY and to be abiding in JESUS. It is the complete transformation of the heart and of the mind. True worship is to OBEY THE LORD JESUS FULLY EVERY SINGLE DAY, IT IS NOT ABOUT OUR MAN-MADE CEREMONY nor about man-made organization built on personal understandings of what each denomination thinks the bible to teach which we divide into countless denominations, all professing to teach the truth yet each contrary to the other. May God unite us, is my prayer, and may God show the hardline Church of Christ that they too are a denomination.

You can BET that if the hardline Church of Christ says; “Come to our Worship Service” that they are talking about the ceremony that they are proceeding to engage in. It is NOT about a relationship with Jesus for them, it is about a fraudulent ceremony.


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