The NEW and improved ‘Answering the Church of Christ’ Blog.

This blog site will be a continuation of the old site

As pointed out, maybe the direction in 2008 wasn’t the best way to go. Going forward, our primary focus will not be Johnny Robertson nor any of his local comrades’.  Rather, we will focus on the hardline Church of Christ as a whole. Additionally, we will offer alternatives to their teachings. We will delete the previous threads about Johnny and/or ones indirectly related to him.

Randy Craigar said he has attempted to contact the owner of in hopes that he reopen his Blog but that obviously isn’t ever going to happen. Johnny boastfully has professed to have scared the Moderators away of True of false, I have no idea. Randy’s brother preaches in Rocky Mt, VA., where we crossed paths. A conversation transpired which led us to reopen the site. To be honest, we wondered if the owner of was even alive seeing he just vanished from the scene years ago without a real explanation.

For those interested, I opted for the pseudonym ‘Axel Reid’ when I first started this site but due to undo pressure I will post my name Nathaniel [Nathan] Hodges. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I may link those to the site as I see how it goes.


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